Summing up the Project

The project „Improvement of availability and quality of medical service at the range of National Breast Cancer Screening Program” enabled us to refine our activities in many areas. Thanks to the support of Norway Grants in the period: September 2014 – December 2016 we managed to realize a lot of actions.

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First of all, we modernized our vehicles and mammography apparatuses. We bought three new vehicles, produced in Poland to our order. Due to this fact, we had a full influence on the detail work – functionality and adjusting to the need of making mammography tests.

In 15 mobile vehicles we changed apparatuses for brand new, produced in 2015. Apparatuses are adjusted to digital processing of the X-ray pictures.

Grants helped us also in posting over million invitations for mammography tests to woman included in National Breast Cancer Screening Program. Letters involved substantive information about benefits of mammography tests and the need to make it regularly in menopause period. At the time of realizing the Project we testes about half of million woman at the range of National Program.

In addition to this, over 2 years we tested for free also ladies aged from 40 to 49 and from 70 to 75 years old. At the range of the Project we sponsored approximately 22 thousands of testes in small and big cities.

Across the whole country, we realized 148 educational meeting, connected with prophylactic of breast cancer. Meetings took place in cooperation with different institutions – town halls, medical centers, culture centers and social welfare centers. More than 4 thousands of people took place in these meetings. Thanks to anatomical breast models, also bought at the range of the Project, we could combine theoretical lecture with practical workshops of self-testing the breast.

We led trainings for our medical and non-medical workers, where workers could improve their abilities in making mammography and also “soft” abilities connected with customer service.

Mobile vehicles were equipped in LCD expositors, where we have a chance to show our educational film, also produced with support of Norway Grants.

Our activities were promoted in local and nation-wide media. We had a support of news portals. press, radio and TV stations. What is more, we led an advertising company in 15 voivodeships – local radio stations transmitted out spot connected with prophylactic and mammography tests.

Norway Grants enabled us to make a big step forward and develop our activities. The wide range of the Project covered ladies invited for free tests financed by National Health Fund, but also other ladies, their families and our LUX MED’s workers.

We would like to kindly thank Everyone, who helped us to realize the Project at the area of all the country – Workers and Directors of institutions, inviting us to their organizations, Doctors, who understood the need to invite ladies for free prophylactic tests and Everyone, who contributed in efficient realization of the Project. We are glad to inform that we managed to made more than 100% of planned actions – we made more tests and meetings that we had planned before.