Press meeting summing up Norway Grants Project

On 15 of December in Hotel Bellotto in Warsaw the press breakfast took place. During the meeting we resumed our activities connected with the Norway Grants Project.

Monika Zamachowska was the leader of the meeting, we welcomed also Krystyna Kofta, who talked about her fight with the cancer disease. Anna Siondalska, the Director of Mammography and Małgorzata Cymerman, Medical Director were our experts of LUX MED Dianostyka’s side.


We picked up on many issues linked with prophylactic of breast cancer. Experts were discussing the necessity of regular tests, actual condition of prophylactic program in Poland, women attendance on tests, factors enhancing the breast cancer incidence, and also the meaning of regular and well done self-testing the breast.


Krystyna Kofta’s utterance was particularly valuable – more than 10 years ago the Writer heard the breast cancer diagnosis. As she confesses – she  made a mistake of neglect. She didn’t make any prophylactic tests, despite being in the breast cancer risk group. Krystyna Kofta talked about every period of the disease and presented her book, which was a diary written during the cancer disease “Lewa, wspomnienie prawej”.


After the discussion, all invited journalists had a chance to learn on anatomical models including tumors and other abnormalities, how to make a breast test properly

We kindly thank to all our guests for the presence on our pre-holiday meeting, were in nice atmosphere we managed to discuss very important issues related to women’s health.