Educational meetings in July

Summer months, despite the holiday and departures term, may be a good opportunity to talk about preventive treatment. We would like to thank for taking part in meetings about breast cancer and also for doing mammography tests organized by LUX MED Diagnostyka. In this month we managed to organize meetings in:

  • Krynica Morska – 1 July in Town Hall
  • Dzierzgoń – 6 July in Culture Centre
  • Łódź – 6 July in Social Welfare Centre, Paradna 36 m
  • Kutno – 9 July w Social Welfare Centre, Oporowska 27
  • Starogard Gdański – 8 July in Town Hall
  • Wejherowo – 11 July in Transport Company ‘KIS Transport’

Thanks for being interested in this subject and also for encouraging other women to make tests. It’s really important that women who are aware of the problem of breast cancer became ambassadors of healthy lifestyle and the habit of regular tests and educate other women in their environment.

We believe that honest knowledge is the biggest ally in the fight with breast cancer so we constantly ask for dealing it with other ladies, who ignore or don’t have the awareness of the importance of regularly made tests and monthly made self-tests.

The theoretical knowledge diversified by practical education of self-testing on anatomical models is a good starting point to develop the habit of self-testing the breast.

Better coming forward for mammography tests, which we observe in places where we made educational meetings means that it is definitely worth to spend time informing women about preventive treatment and that’s why we are going to continue our activities in next months.

We invite town halls, local governments and other institutions gathering women to cooperate in organizing educational meetings for the Workers and Inhabitants of the town. Let’s work together for the health of Polish women! Next meetings just in August!