Educational meetings in June

While summer is beginning, we are continuing our preventive treatment education. In June, like in other holiday months – July and August, we are reducing the number of meetings. We realize that a lot of people are resting and others are working hard at the countryside. Despite that fact, we managed to prepare six meetings – four of them in cooperation with local authorities and inhabitants of cities, which are going to be visited by our mobile mammography vehicles, and other two meeting for our workers in Diagnostic Centre in Gdynia.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Throughout the workshops with the anatomic breast model, we wanted to educate our administrative-office Workers. The knowledge may be helpful for them either in occupational sphere or in private one. Each woman, regardless her age, should remember about regular self-testing the breast. That’s why we tried to encourage ladies working in our Centre to take care about their breast.

Meeting in June took place in:

  • Lubraniec – on 2 June in Town Hall
  • Tomaszów Mazowiecki – 16 June in residential home
  • Tomaszów Mazowiecki – 17 June in residential home
  • Brańszczyk – 12 June in Town Hall
  • Gdynia – 19 June in Mammography Diagnostic Centre

As usual, meetings were aimed to make woman aware of the importance of preventive treatment (primal one – which is healthy lifestyle, as well as derivate – mammography tests).

Particular attention was paid to the difference between screening tests and diagnostic tests. We tried to explain, why mammography made at the range of National Breast Cancer Screening Programme is different than a diagnostic test made for example thanks to Norway Grants.

Practical education on anatomic breast models was accompanying to all the meetings. This part is supremely important to us. We would like to develop the habit of regular, monthly made self-testing and discussion about preventive treatment in their immediate vicinity. Let’s work together for the health of Polish women!