Śląski Ośrodek Onkologii Sanivitas became a partner of LUX MED Diagnostyka

We are glad to inform that Śląski Ośrodek Onkologii Sanivitas (www.sanivitas.pl), which disposes Medical Centres in Zabrze, Bytom and Rybnik joined the Project “Improvement of availability and quality of medical service in realization of National Breast Cancer Screening Programme”, realized by LUX MED with the Support of Norway Grants.

As part of the cooperation, from 11 to 13 August 2015 in Zabrze we will make free mammography tests for woman at the age 50 – 69 (at the range of National Breast Screening Programme). Moreover we will examine ladies at the age 40 – 49 and 70 – 75 at the range of Project supported by Norway Grants. Mobile mammography vehicle will stand on Korfantego 18 Street near the swimming pool ‘Aquarius Kopernik’.

To make a free mammography test at the range of Project, every woman has to register and show the doctor’s referral. Referrals may be taken from Medical Center ‘Galeria Zdrowia Sanivitas’ in Zabrze on Św. Barbara 1 Street on the area of Galeria Zabrze.

At the same time we would like to inform that patients who take part in first diagnosis level, at the need of continuation the diagnosis (USG test or biopsy) in second level may do these additional tests in Bytom on Plac Akademicki 15 Street and in Zabrze on Św. Barbara 1 Street.