LUX MED Diagnostyka participates in „Senioriada” in Toruń

Next Sunday, on 19th of June near the Maria Znamierowska-Prüfferowa Ethnographic Museum in Toruń there will be the second edition of the event dedicated to the elderly people organized. The meeting entitled “We are” will aim to stir to action seniors on different areas.

Besides the artistic performances, integration and educational activities, organizers planned also the handicraft fair made by seniors’ clubs, societies, the farmer’s wives’ associations, organizations working for seniors and shows of sport and health activities.

LUX MED Diagnostyka will also take part in the event. We will invite ladies to make a free mammography tests in mobile vehicle – not only woman aged from 50 to 69, but also ladies  aged from 40 to 49 and 70 – 75. We kindly encourage the last age group to make a test – this is the special chance for Senior Ladies, who normally have no option to make a free test in mobile vehicle after getting 70 years old – they are no more included in National Breast Cancer Screening Programme.

Please remember that tests financed by Norway Grants (for woman aged 40-49 and 70-75) require doctor’s referral.

We kindly ask to register first – we will make an appointment on the exact time to avoid the queue in the mobile vehicle. Register: 58 666 24 44

Apart from free tests, LUX MED Diagnostyka will also offer an educational stand, where woman will have a chance to get to know the self-test of the breast, get the educational leaflets and also to register for the test themselves and other women.

The Second Seniorada will start at 11 a.m. and will last till 5 p.m.