Health-improving picnic in Łapy (Podlaskie voivodeship)

On 30 August near Saint Cross Church in Łapy a health-improving picnic took place. Organizers of „Outdoors Clinic” prepared many attractions connected with healthcare and early diagnosis.

Responding to organizers’ invitation – LUX MED Diagnostyka workers prepared the stand, where all eager woman could learn how to make breast self-test correctly. There were anatomic breast models available, which illustrated possible external and internal lesions caused by breast cancer. All ladies, who visited our stand received educational brochures about preventive breast cancer treatment.

Guests of the picnic could also made the blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose measurements. There were also paramedics, who provided the instruction of good and effective first aid. There was also a possibility to become a blood donor in special bus.

National Health Fund also had a stand, where guests could receive a number of Integrated Patient Informer. Owning this number makes easier to have an on-line access to data about realized health service.

In addition to ‘health attractions’ organizers prepared other activities dedicated to children and adults – workshops of singing, dancing and drums playing, as well as recreation equipment. A concert in the evening was the finishing point of the event.

We would like to kindly thank for inviting LUX MED Diagnostyka and the possibility to join the initiative, which enabled inhabitants of Łapy and the surrounding area to make different health measurements and get to know more about health. We invite ladies for mammography tests in mobile vehicle, which visits Łapy and Podlaskie voivodeship regularly. Details and information about terms: 58 666 24 44.