October is the month of breast cancer awareness

For the next time we have started the month, which is dedicated to breast awareness. It may be a good opportunity to take care about our health, as well as our nearest women’s health.

Dear Ladies, don’t postpone the mammography test! Please register now calling 58 666 24 44 and let’s get the peace of mind about your health.

We planned about 270 mobile mammography vehicle stops in smaller and bigger cities in 15 voivodeships. In the vehicles we still have the chance to make test to all ladies aged from 40 to 49 and 70 to 75. We really encourage to get the advantage of the Norway Grants Program. What You need is only the doctor’s referral  and registering before the test. Ladies aged from 50 to 69, who haven’t made the test during past 24 months can make a free test financed by National Health Fund.

We also invite to our 3 medical centers in Warsaw and Gdansk, where we realize the National Breast Cancer Screening Program for ladies aged from 50 to 69.

Till now only 43% of Polish women made a mammography test at the range of the Program. The fear about the pain during the test and the possible diagnosis is the worst advisor. Please remember that in last years the cancer therapy made a huge progress and a lot of people suffering cancer may be cured – on the basis of early detection. What is more, mammography test most often reaffirms that everything’s fine and when the tumor  is detected it is 90% chances that it’s a not benign.

We encourage to register for the test. Information about places, where mobile vehicle will come and the possibility to register – call 58 666 24 44!

Let’s set the example to all ladies and encourage our mothers, sisters, daughters and neighbors to make a test, which may safe our life!