Mobile mammography vehicle near Klif in Gdynia

On 12 of September our mobile vehicle parked in front of Klif Shopping Mall in Gdynia Orłowo. The testes were very popular among women in this district. We made free tests either to women included in National Breast Cancer Screening Programme (aged from 50 to 69 years old) or women aged from 40 to 49 and 70 to 75 years (testes financed by Norway Grants).


Besides the testes, we also prepared the stand where all women could learn how to make a self-test properly. There were anatomic breast models and other educational materials, connected with preventive treatment.

We kindly invite to make tests in Gdynia – today and tomorrow (14 and 15 of September). Mobile vehicle is staying in front of the Church on Konwaliowa Street (Gdynia Witomino), on Friday it will be available in the City Centre close to the Town Hall, Piłsudskiego Street.