Mobile mammography vehicle and prophylactic action in the seat of Polish Television

On Thursday 15 of December answering the Polish Television’s invitation, we made a prophylactic action on Woronicza Street.

Thanks to the permission given by Mazovian National Health Fund, we made prophylactic mammography tests to all ladies aged from 50 to 69 years old. In addition, we had a chance to made tests women aged from 40 to 49 and 70 – 75 years old at the range of Norway Grants supported Project. There was a doctor giving referrals to all ladies, who were not included in National Breast Cancer Screening Program.

2016-12-16 11.27.18

The action was popular among ladies – employees from Television and also other Warsaw inhabitants. That day in mobile mammography vehicle we testes 107 women.

2016-12-16 11.22.23

At the same time, inside the building our specialists were training all eager ladies in making the breast self-testing properly. In the main hall of Television, during all day women had a chance to ask bothering questions and get to know more about breast prophylactic.

We are glad that this important issue was broached in Thursday’s TVP 2 breakfast programe “Pytanie na śniadanie”.

We hope that this action organized with Health Ministry and Polish Television will encourage polish women to make tests regularly.

All Warsaw inhabitants, who are 50 to 69 years old and didn’t manage to do the test in mobile mammography vehicle, can make it in one of our medical centers in the capital. One of them is located in LUX MED Centre in Św. Barbary 6/8 Street and the second in Bielany Hospital, Cegłowska 80 Street. We make the tests every day at times determined in phone registration. Please register calling 58 666 24 44.