LUX MED Diagnostyka participated in Active Ladies Forum

On 1 and 2 July 2015 in Józefów nad Wisłą there was VII Active Ladies Forum organized, which gathered a lot of inhabitants of rural areas of Lublin Voivodeship. LUX MED Diagnostyka was also there.

Forum is a cyclical event integrating and activating the backgrounds of residents of this area. It promotes activity of women living in the villages as initiators and executors of changes in their surroundings. Organizers of the forum stand up on their development and the possibility to invest in themselves.

The main subject of this year edition was building the awareness of the need to live in harmony with nature. The offer included workshops, meetings and forum for discussions.

Active women are also those, who despite many other duties don’t forget about health and preventive treatment. During the forum ladies were eager to come to LUX MED Diagnostyka standpoint, where they could practice self-testing the breast, get leaflets about National Breast Cancer Screening Programme, Norway Grants. What is also important, women could get there the information about current locations of LUX MED Diagnostyka mobile vehicles in Lublin voivodeship.

Active Ladies Forum is also time of promotion the creative attitude dedication to local societies. During the Forum organizers set apart women, who are initiators of important social activities. Similarly to previous years, there were prizes given at the range of Contest of Active Lublin Ladies 2015. We would like to congratulate to the laureates and we hope that all the active woman will encourage other ladies (neighbors, familiars) to make a mammography test as a part of taking care of local societies.

Thanks to organizers for the possibility to participate in this particular event. We are glad that The Lublin Voivodeship has such a big group of women wishing to be active in their local surroundings. We invite to our mobile mammography vehicles in the area!