LUX MED Diagnostyka in Harvest Festival in Sztum

On 11th of September (Sunday) we took part in celebratory of 600th anniversary of Sztum. That day we organized the educational standpoint, where all inhabitants could learn how to make a breast self-test properly. Due to the fact that the festival attracted not only Ladies, but also Men, we tried to learn also them and convince them how important is making tests regularly.


In the standpoint we disposed of 3 anatomical breast models, which were illustrating possible tumors and other abnormal changes. We also offered the registration for mammography tests to our mobile vehicle, which came to Sztum on 14th of September.

Tests were realized at the range on National Breast Cancer Screening Programme, financed by National Health Fund and also the Programme supported by Norway Grants.

We kindly thank for the invitation for 600th anniversary of Sztum and we invite for mammography tests. Next stop of the vehicle in this city will be in October.