Konin Women’s Congress with LUX MED Diagnostyka

Our mobile mammography vehicle visited 4th Konin Woman’s Congress, which took place last Saturday on 21st of May in Youth Culture Centre in Konin. Mammography tests were very popular among Women participating in Congress. We tested 67 Ladies aged from 40 to 75 years old, including 49 tests besides the National Breast Cancer Screening Programme, financed by Norway Grants. Other Women made tests at the range of National Health Fund.


The congress consisted of 3 discussion panels, where invited guests were talking about important for Women matters. There were law, culture and social themes discussed. In the event there were the President of The Konin Woman’s Congress Society – Ewa Jeżak, The President of Konin Józef Nowicki and the District Head Stanisław Bielik, participating. To make a conference more attractive organizers prepared performances of dance group Fundacja Otwarcie and also a vocal group AleBabki (the team was created specially for this occasion and was consisting of well-wishers of Woman’s Congress).


In addition, organizers prepared many other attractions at the range of Woman’s Park – there were stands connected with preventive treatment, first aid and learning of self-testing the breast, which was taught by Konin Amazons and LUX MED Diagnostyka Worker.


It was our next Woman’s Congress, which we were visiting. In March we were participating in 2nd Słupsk Woman’s Congress in Ustka. We are planning to appear in next editions in other cities to make woman aware of breast cancer and offer them free mammography tests and learning of self-test. We will inform about details on our webpages www.mammo.pl and www.fundusze.mammo.pl