Women’s Congress in Ustka

Last Saturday on 12 March there was the Second Słupsk Women’s Congress under “The place of Woman” organized. Anna Komorowska had the honorary patronage of the event. City Town Workers of Ustka and Organizers prepared a lot of attractions for ladies.


The health care was one of the most important points – at the range of this activity, there was a mobile mammography vehicle of LUX MED Diagnostyka placed near the “Delfin” cinema. Woman aged from 40 to 75 years old could make a free test. Ladies, who are not included in National Breast Cancer Screening Programme could also make a test – doctors were giving the referrals in the cinema building. During that Saturday we testes 77 women. The important role was played by Słupsk Amazons, who encouraged woman to make self-control and mammography tests.


Woman had also the opportunity to make a blood pressure test, glucose level, take the advantage of healthy lifestyle advices and make an analysis of the body composition. There were experts in allergy problems and food intolerances, who gave the detail information.

In spite of the health positions, there were also beauty attractions – professional make –up and face and body procedures were given by well-known cosmetic companies.


There were also many discussions led in women’s themes – regional culture, economy, everyday women’s problems. Experts – specialists in law, art, business, university lecturers and journalists were talking about important issues. Katarzyna Figura was a special guest of the event.

We would like to thank for the possibility to be the part of this special women’s feast. We are glad that a lot of them decided to make a preventive mammography test!