Second March of Life and Hope in Chojnice with LUX MED Diagnostyka participation

On 23rd of May there was the Second March of Life and Hope organized in Chojnice. LUX MED Diagnostyka answered for the invitation of High School Complex Number 2 and Chojnice Amazon Society and took part in the event.

This health campaign aimed to pay attention to breast cancer preventive treatment and promote mammography tests among women. March beginned close to Człuchowska Gate at 10 a.m. and directed to Chojnice Market and than to Chojnice Culture Centre.

LUX MED Diagnostyka took part in the event by carrying a short lecture about breast cancer preventive treatment, mammography tests, National Breast Cancer Screening Programme and Project supported by Norway Grants and European Economic Area. LUX MED Diagnostyka worker invited women for tests in the range of National Health Fund Programme (women aged 50 – 69) and the Norway Grants Programme (for woman don’t qualifying for National Health Fund Programme, aged 40 – 49 and 70 – 75 years old). The lecture took place in Chojnice Culture Centre.

There were 32 Amazon groups and societies from four voivodeships invited. Organizers prepared a lot of accompanying attractions, among other things, fashion show realized by Amazons, presentation of new trends in cooking and artistic performances by youth for people supporting idea of Amazon Societies.

We would like to kindly thank for the invitation and the will of promoting the preventive treatment, which is really important for us, especially among young people. In parallel, we invite Chojnice inhabitants to come to mammography mobile vehicle and make a test during our next stay in the city – which is planned on 22 – 23 June near Chojnice Water Park.