Active Woman’s Forum in Urszulin

On 1st and 2nd July in Urszulin (Lublin voivodeship) there will be The 7th Active Woman’s Forum organized. This event connects woman from all over the region and is very popular among local society. It will last two days and will give the opportunity to make a benefit on attractions prepared by organizers.


There will be many health activities, among others free mammography tests in LUX MED Diagnostyka’s mobile vehicle. Our mammography room will be available on 2nd of July (Saturday) in the park near the school. Tests are dedicated for woman aged from 40 to 75 years old. Traditionally, we will invite woman aged from 50 to 69, who were not doing mammography tests for 24 months,  for free tests realized at the range of National Breast Cancer Screening Programme. These tests don’t require doctor’s referral, woman only have to show their ID card. Other ladies, aged from 40 to 49 and from 70 to 75 years old, may make a tests financed by Norway Grants. These tests need a doctor’s referral. What is important, there will be a doctor available, who will give the referrals for all eager ladies.

What is more, we will also provide an information stand, where we will be teaching how to make a breast self-test properly. We will give educational materials, leaflets and register ladies for tests in other cities in the region.

The event is going to be divided into theme sections. There will be such sections as “inspiration and observation area”, “knowledge and experience area” and “ability area”. Full schedule of the event is available on the poster.

We kindly encourage to take part in the event, especially to make a free mammography test in our mobile vehicle!