Second press conference


On 3rd March we organized the second press conference connected with the realization of the Norway Grants Project. The breakfast for press was hold in Mercure Hotel in Gdynia and was dedicated to journalists from Tricity.

The lecturers – Anna Siondalska LUX MED Diagnostyka Mammography Director, Dr Małgorzata Cymerman Medical Director and Kaja Smutek Operational Director told about the preventive treatment, the breast cancer epidemiology, National Breast Cancer Screening Programme and also about the Norway Grants Project.

We told through the actions taken at the range of the Project “Improvement of availability and the quality of the medical service at the range of National Breast Cancer Screening Programme”, which are among other things: purchasing of 3 new mobile mammography vehicles, 15 new mammography apparatus, 15 LCD expositors to enable woman to watch the educational film connected with the breast cancer. What is more, thanks to the Norway Grants, we managed to examine more than 13 thousands of woman besides the National Breast Cancer Screening Programme. A million woman received the invitations for tests. We also carried 80 educational meeting all over the Poland, where woman of all age groups could learn how to make a self-test properly.

The conference aim was also to dispel the myths, which raised about the mammography and the Programme:

  1. The Programme favors one group of woman, while others don’t have the possibility to make a free test and to detect the disease.
  2. Self-testing is enough to detect the tumor on the early stadium of development.
  3. The ultrasound test is enough and can be made instead of mammography test.
  4. After detection some abnormality in the breast, a woman is left on her own and has no support from the test realizer.
  5. The test made in the mobile vehicle is worse quality than a test made in hospital.
  6. Woman from small cities and villages don’t make tests regularly.
  7. Mobile vehicles are not necessary in big cities. Woman should make tests in the hospital.


Journalists had also the possibility to ask questions about the Programme and to dispel all the doubts connected with the Programme realization. In front of the Hotel, where the conference took place, there was the mobile vehicle working, where we tested 75 woman.

We would like to thank to all the Guests for the presence!