6 senior’s expo – innovations and inspirations


On first October weekend, on 3rd and 4th October, in Sports Hall, Goyki 7 Street, 6th edition of Senior’s Expo will take place. In this year the main theme of the Expo are “Innovations and Inspirations”, dedicated to elderly people. For those who will visit Expo, there are a lot of attractions waiting – products dedicated to seniors, free health tests, health advices, performances and competitions with prizes. The admission is free of charge.

LUX MED Diagnostyka invites on 4th of October (Sunday) to make free mammography test in mobile vehicle, which is going to stand near Sports Hall. The invitation is directed to all ladies at the age from 40 to 75 years. The tests will be made at the range of two projects – National Breast Cancer Screening Programme (for woman at the age 50 – 69, without the doctor’s referral, once in two years) and at the range od project financed by Norway Grants (tests for woman at the age 40 – 49 and 70 – 75, doctor’s referral needed). Please, register earlier at 58 666 24 44 or in www.mammo.pl

During expo there will be modern technological, social, communication and educational solutions promoted – the organizers say. We will encourage to use solutions which will improve the quality of life of elderly people and present products and services, which support seniors and inspire them to be active in different life areas.

City Social Welfare Centre and Social Cooperative are the organizers of the event.

Main points in Expo’s Programme:

  • Senior-friendly products on 60 stands for those who are active and those who need support
  • Innovative equipment and solutions which support self-reliance and security the elderly people
  • Free health tests – mammography, density of bones, eyesight tests, skin tests, blood pressure, glucose tests, BMI,
  • Expert’s advices – law, psychological, connected with retirement services, National Health Fund, bailouts for disabled people, work shift of ombudsman for seniors
  • Workshops with new technologies – computer, smartphone, tablet support, using the e-book readers, making photos with cell phone
  • Artistic, cook and motion workshops